In Canada, they get every single UK Football match for just £7.21/mo - including 3pm kick-offs

Meanwhile, in the UK, you'd need to spend £78 per month - and STILL NOT GET ALL THE GAMES!

In the UK, you need all of these...

Both major satellite providers

£70 per month

£7.99 per month

Total = £78 per month

You can now get every single UK Football match, including 3pm KOs, for just £13.61 per month.

UK Football Leagues sell UK viewing rights to the major satellite companies and Amazon Prime.

They also sell overseas rights to countries such as Canada who pay a fraction of the cost to watch football as you would in the UK - we do not think that is fair.

With StreamLocator you can legally access DAZN Canada - which has a huge range of live sport - and watch every single UK Football match, including 3PM kick offs.

Plus Champions League and Europa League!

All with British commentary!

What is StreamLocator?

StreamLocator is a geo-location hub that connects to your existing internet router, which you can then connect all of your streaming devices to.

We only support streaming, so guarantee reliable, easy access to 40+ international streaming services.

Plug & Play, simple to set up & use

The hub connects to your existing internet router to create a new "StreamLocator" internet network. You then connect any of your devices, including Smart TVs!

Watch on the big screen

You then connect any streaming device to the StreamLocator network.

This includes smart TVs, games consoles, Android TV and streaming sticks.

You'll never get blocked

We support 40+ of the worlds' most popular streaming services. We ONLY do streaming so we're constantly adding support for more.

40+ Streaming Services Supported

Why StreamLocator beats IPTV and VPNs

No blocks.

StreamLocator gives you legitimate access to legitimate services internationally

Works on big screens

And every other device.

Works with ANY streaming device, including smart TVs, games consoles, Android TV and streaming sticks.

Reliable & Legit

No more broken links or lo-res streams, we give you access to legitimate services using their official apps and websites

Easy to use

No loss of signal, no changing URLs, no need to change settings or hold your breath while the signal comes back

Real-time streaming. No lag.

See the action when it happens instead of a couple of minutes later.

No limits on how many devices

Connect every single device you have to StreamLocator - no limitations

Here's how it comes to £13.61 with StreamLocator

£6.40 per month

The Hub with 12 months of service costs £77, which works out at £6.40/mo.

Includes free, fast delivery and a 30-day money back guarantee.

£7.21 per month

Based on DAZN's $150 annual plan, which is $12.50/mo (£7.21).

DAZN is like Netflix for sport in other countries (not so great in the UK) and, if you sign up for it "in" Canada, allows switching between countries. So if there's something you want on German DAZN, no problem.

Total = £13.61 per month*

*Based on current exchange rates between US Dollars and Canadian Dollars to GBP. Correct as of 12/01/2021. The exact amount you pay will also depend on your payment method.

Follow these simple steps to get UK Football for a fraction of the cost


Order a StreamLocator Hub with 12 Months of service, which works out at £6.40/mo



Once you've set up your hub, which takes a few minutes, and set it to DAZN Canada, you'll need to install the DAZN app on your phone (even if you don't intend to use it there), then signup and pay via Google Pay or Apply Pay using your normal payment methods (UK cards are fine)


Now, install DAZN on your devices (Fire TV, Apple TV, Android TV, smart TV and more) then go back to your StreamLocator account and set your DAZN location to Canada. Start using DAZN to stream every UK football match, including 3pm KOs.

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