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- Get access to Netflix and 40+ of the world's best streaming services from wherever in the world you are
- Watch them on ANY device, including Smart TVs

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StreamLocator works, where VPNs fail

No installation

No apps, no software, just connect any WiFi enabled device to the StreamLocator router, and it's good to go

No loss of speed

Our router won't impact any of your non-streaming traffic, leaving everyone else with unfettered bandwidth

No DNS settings

Our router does everything for you - just plug and play

No limits

Connect any and all devices that you use to stream - including Smart TVs, games consoles and set-top boxes


See all supported services

Watch your favorite movies and TV shows from anywhere in the world

Access the international catalogs of major streaming services like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime

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Works With All Major Devices and Platforms

Whether you prefer watching shows on your Smart TV, Amazon Fire TV, tablet, smartphone or gaming console, StreamLocator has you covered

StreamLocator doesn't slow down your connection

For years, accessing geo-blocked content meant slow speeds and bad streaming quality. Not anymore. The StreamLocator router is built to bring the speed you need to stream interruption-free—even if you’re streaming in 4K Ultra HD.

Your Gateway To The World's Streaming Content

Watch US Netflix, Amazon Prime, BBC and more from anywhere in the world, on any internet-enabled device

  • Free shipping to EU, UK, Israel and Canada 
  • From US$6.99/mo
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

* GBP price is illustrative only - plans are charged in USD at $6.99/mo based on an annual plan. Correct at time publication. Free router is available with annual plans.


What's the difference between the new hub and the current one?

While the existing (old) hub is fast enough to allow for multiple, simultaneous HD streaming, it only has 100Mbps bandwidth, while the new hub will have much faster speeds with 5 x Gigabit ethernet ports and speeds of up to 867Mbps+300 Mbps, allowing for even more simultaneous streaming at 4K and 5K.

It's also a LOT prettier but that's just our opinion.

Does StreamLocator work with Netflix?

Yes, you can switch between your home country and have a choice of Netflix in Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Mexico, South Korea, United Kingdom and United States.

Please note that, if you have an EU account you may have issues accessing other EU Netflix catalogs. This is because Netflix tie EU accounts to a home country within the EU. You will be able to switch to non-EU versions of Netflix though, so that'd be the US, Canada, Brazil, Mexico and South Korea, with more coming soon.

Will streaming platforms ban or block me if they see I'm accessing them from "abroad"?

If for any reason they do spot that you're accessing their service from abroad, you will just be stopped from watching the content. However, this is extremely rare as it's our job to avoid that happening - StreamLocator works!

Is StreamLocator legal?

Yes. If you're in a country that allows you to use relocation and masking technologies, there is absolutely nothing illegal about using StreamLocator. We would recommend that you check the laws in your country.

Having said this, using StreamLocator may be against the Terms of Use of particular services. This is because they gain the rights to shows and movies from "Rights Holders", who will give them permission to make the content available in specific regions. While these services don't typically care where their views are coming from, they need to be seen to be trying to stop viewers from outside of those countries, hence why it is often mentioned in Terms of Use policies.

Do I need a subscription for the services to be able to watch them?

Yes you need to have a subscription. StreamLocator will not get you free access to paid-for services. However there are some services that are free, but only if you are in the right region - for example Peacock, BBC iPlayer and Pluto TV) - and StreamLocator can be used for those services too, therefore giving you access to thousands of hours of free content.

How much does StreamLocator cost?

We will announce prices for the new StreamLocator hub and service soon.

Can I get a refund if StreamLocator doesn't work?

Yes! We offer 30-day money-back guarantee. Just let us know via within 30 days and we will refund you immediately. However, we also hope you'll let us help you get it working first! Just reach out and we'll do all we can.